Abraham 2021: An inclusive DWARS

Dear DWARSers,

My campaign goal is simple: an inclusive DWARS for all youth. This is my ultimate priority and my promise. In order to achieve this, my campaign consists of four plans:

  1. A home for all.
    Expansion with inclusivity. I want to expand DWARS so that it too can be a home to others like me, whilst keeping in mind the needs and interests of the current Dutch members; something I have initiated as board member of International Affairs in DWARS Amsterdam. This includes, among other things, translating and providing the website, documents and content bilingually and providing (amateur) voluntary translators at events.
  2. The strengthening of ties.
    I prioritise our cooperation with sister organisations, the FYEG and Global Greens, and international organisations. I plan to build upon our current ties with the FYEG and Global Greens as well as Jong Groen, and to initiate ties not only within Europe but with youth organisations internationally.
  3. Accessibility of international issues.
    I hope to organise insightful activities over important European and international issues and to tackle them in interesting and unique ways to make them accessible to all our members. Once possible, I also do hope to organise amazing trips, bearing in mind venues that would help us better understand the EU and its history.
  4. You matter.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or East or South Asian or Arabic or Latino, young or a tad older, rich or poor, abled, disabled, queer or hetero, trans, non-binary or cis – in DWARS, you matter. It is vital that regardless of what your identity is, that you feel at home. Therefore every single thing we do at DWARS must be seen intersectionally. The way we approach issues should focus on the experiences of minorities and the impact of their experiences on these issues.

Do you want to know more about my campaign and my plans, or do you have any questions? Contact me via one of the links below!